Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge is located in the arctic, an environmentally fragile area. Due to the lodge’s location, we are keenly aware of the sensitive nature of the land and wildlife that surround us, and strive to make as little impact as possible.

Our Airstrip 

Our airstrip has been designed to decrease impact on the surrounding environment, we maintain a system of trails to prevent scarring the land, and we take care to ensure our sewage and garbage is handled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


On Ennadai Lake we are observers. During the summer, we share the land with the wildlife. Our goal is not to disturb their habitat or disrupt their activities. 

The maximum number of guests at Arctic Haven is approximately 24 people per week. This is the maximum number of people we feel the land can support and the maximum number of people we feel we can take on to the land without disturbing the wildlife.

Our Trails: We limit motorized vehicles, stay on designated trails and try to travel by boat to get around. 

Water comes from Ennadai Lake, it is clean and tastes excellent.

We supplement our electricity generated at Arctic Haven with wind and solar eneregy - to the tune of about 80%.

Waste at the lodge is handled in the following manner. The lodge has a number of small septic systems that handle black and grey sewage. We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning.

Metal, glass, plastic and non-burnable garbage is packaged and returned to Yellowknife. All burnable garbage is burnt in our incinerator, which is powered by compressed air. This incinerator produces higher temperatures to burn waste more efficiently than simple passive burning.

The federal government makes yearly inspections to ensure that all our systems conform to environmental standards.