10 March 2017
Arctic Photography - Caribou Migration at Arctic Haven

Spring at Arctic Haven - Caribou, Wolves, Grizzlies and more!

Every spring we are warmly greeted by the flocks of Ptarmigan. I look out over the frozen lake from the lodge windows, the anticipation in my head growing.  Wondering when the first caribou will walk into view, signalling the start of the great migration.  I am eagerly excited with the thought I am not the only one excited for the caribou; the wolves, wolverines and bears are all in line for the show. The caribou’s exact migration route is unknown to us humans, their route changing with every season.  With approximate routes projected from their wintering grounds in January, I wonder how they will migrate though the Ennadai Lake (Arctic Haven) region this season? 

A glimpse of the caribou walking over Ennadai Lake near Arctic Haven

The Arctic Barren Lands is an unforgiving landscape. The caribou bring end to the quiet winter months. Come spring, the caribou head north to the calving grounds. The sound of hundreds of hooves sloshing though the melting snow and clapping on the ice as the caribou cross the lake is an unforgettable sound and scene. As I watch and explore the lake and its reaches the experience is amplified in my mind as I think we are one of the most remote locations in North America; unspoiled nature for hundred of kilometres, in all directions. No other people, building, cars; just mother nature and its beauty! This will be my fifth spring season at the lodge. In the past, my travels were always restricted to the movements of snowmobiles. This spring will be special with the ability to travel with a Bush Hawk. After finding my first wolf den in 2012, it has always been on my radar to have the ability to fly around and explore from the air. Having a plane will increase the chances of finding wolves and grizzles. Watching female Barren Land Grizzles with cubs graze on last season’s tundra berries or stumbling upon a fresh caribou kill with wolves in the foreground are moments most wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers only read or dream about. At Arctic Haven they are a few of the amazing moments I look forward to every spring! 

The Bushhawk at Arctic Haven - the perfect ski-equipped three guest aircraft to explore at Arctic Haven! 

A four-week old wolf pup inquisitively looks into Nansen's camera!

Nansen Weber has grown up in the arctic, spending every summer exploring the Arctic. Nansen Weber is Arctic Watch’s lead and professional wildlife photographer. When he’s not busy leading a private photography trip, or working with film crews in the Arctic, Nansen is a lead guide and makes sure guests capture their picture perfect memories of Arctic Watch on camera. Nansen knows Arctic animals and environment - don’t be shy to ask him questions! Arctic wolves, caribou, muskoxen fights, sleepy polar bears, curious arctic foxes and playful belugas; he’s seen it. When he’s not photographing in the Arctic, Nansen devotes his time to photographic projects across the globe - most recently with National Geographic. Be sure to visit his wildlife photography website - www.NansenWeber.com