7 December 2016
Arctic Photography - Caribou Migration at Arctic Haven

New Satellite Camp for Caribou Migration

Last fall, Arctic Haven guides set up a satellite camp with two large (sixteen by twenty-four feet) semi-permanent (heated) Weatherhaven structures to take advantage of the terrain above Arctic treeline. Weatherhaven fabric structures are commonly used throughout the arctic especially in mining exploration. Using the satellite camp, it is now possible to spend multiple nights in the open Arctic, without having to go back to Arctic Haven Lodge. The satellite camp is positioned on a small series of islands used by the caribou to traverse the lake. Glamping beneath the aurora borealis and on the migratory path of a caribou herd is a unique experience!

The satellite camp is directly on the migratory path of the northern routes on Ennadai Lake used by the Qamanirijuaq Caribou herd to migrate south. Guests can take part in this experience as part of their visit to Arctic Haven during our Autumn (August & September) experiences