4 January 2018

Flora & Fauna - Arctic Dinner Series at Arctic Haven

Imagine you’re seated in one of Canada’s finest restaurants. The hours gently blend into a pleasant evening as a five course meal is savoured in the soft ambiance of a metropolitan neighbourhood. Now imagine this same feeling transposed thousands of kilometers north of our urban centers. A place where there are more caribou than people, a place of tranquil solitude and wilderness as far as the eye can see. A culinary experience unlike any other, situated in Canada’s Arctic Barren Lands. 

New for the fall of 2018, Arctic Haven is offering an exclusive three-day culinary experience for those looking for a dose of adventure. Located in Nunavut on the shores of Ennadai Lake, each evening will feature a refined six course meal inspired by the arctic environment and the harvest of the north. Prepared by an iconic Canadian guest chef, each evening will incorporate and draw inspiration from local ingredients from the land, the lake or the sky. 

This culinary experience goes beyond an evening of fine dining and incorporates two days of arctic exploration during the peak autumn’s beautiful display of colours. Like every trip to Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, guests will have the opportunity to see the aurora borealis, iconic Canadian wildlife and experience the vast landscape of the Arctic Barren Lands. We hope to see you up there! Culinary details here

Limited spaces available, September 23rd - 26th 2018 at Arctic Haven. $4500 CAD per person from Yellowknife