1 June 2017
Arctic Photography - Caribou Migration at Arctic Haven

Autumn Discovery Heli-Safaris at Arctic Haven

Dreaming of being able to experience the Great Qamanirjuaq Caribou migration? 

Passionate about wildlife photography?

Prepared for an adventure?

Easily spotted from the helicopter are thousands of years of caribou migrations etched into trails on the tundra. Photo: Nansen Weber

We are excited to share that all 2018 Autumn Discovery experiences at Arctic Haven will be accompanied by the opportunity to view the colourful landscape and spot wildlife from a helicopter! Daily helicopter safaris - for an additional price - will be offered with the lodge as our base.  The helicopters allow us to gain aerial perspective on the very undulating terrain of Ennadai Lake and can enhance the opportunity to spot wildlife like caribou, bears, wolves, foxes and wolverines from above!  On each helicopter tour you will be accompanied by an expert pilot and Arctic Haven guide who strive to facilitate an unforgettable experience for you!

Autumn Discovery Experiences this summer are nearly sold out!  Just 2 spots remain this Autumn.  Book a 2017 Experience

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Male Caribou on beautiful autumn tundra. Photo: Nansen Weber