16 December 2016
Arctic Haven Staff - Press Releases

Arctic Haven Photographer Nansen Weber recognized by CBC and DJI for his recent work

Arctic Haven's wildlife photographer Nansen Weber was recently recognized by DJI and CBC for his work this past season in the Canadian Arctic! In 2017, Nansen spent 6 months across the Arctic on several expeditions documenting wildlife and landscapes of Canada's frozen north. From the shores of the Northwest Passage on private expeditions, to Somerset Island's landscapes, Baffin Island's Fjords and the caribou migrations on Ennadai Lake, Nansen shares his experiences in this short film. Enjoy! 

Read CBC's article on his recent video and work this past season: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/nansen-weber-drone-film-photography-1.3895270 

Many of the sequences were filmed at Arctic Haven and sister lodge Arctic Watch!