15 December 2017

A Few Favourites From 2017

The Arctic is a spectacular place to explore. A unique environment for capturing moments that can't be experienced anywhere else on earth. In a season at Arctic Haven, we capture thousands of images. Images from guests, and staff alike help us share what is the Arctic. What truly is the tundra. Here are a few of our favorites from 2017!

No shortage of aurora borealis! Autumn skies are great for aurora viewing - often at sunset, dramatic "rivers" of northern lights emerge and dance!

Finishing up a day of heli-hiking at Arctic Haven - just in time for the aurora. 

Coming in hot! Using a bushawk to follow the spring caribou migration, guests come back in after a day of adventure! 

A barrenlands grizzly bear at home on the tundra; his golden colour earned him the nickname "honey bear". His obvious love for blueberries and dancing on two feet meant he was well photographed!

Heading out to fly fish with the helicopter - clearly some enjoyment to be had. 

An evening heli-fly fish for Arctic grayling, northern pike and lake trout. 

Guided Nansen Weber in his element - on the tundra!

5 gorgeous bull caribou on the autumn tundra at Arctic Haven.

A beautiful muskox eating blueberries on the tundra - he's clearly enjoying them as much as the grizzly!

Two caribou heading into the treeline, south of Arctic Haven, as the near the end of their autumn migration.