3 October 2017
Heli-Hiking on the tundra at Arctic Haven - Arctic fishing - Northern Lights - Caribou Migration at Arctic Haven

Heli-Hiking on the tundra in August & September

The autumn caribou migration at Arctic Haven is one of the last great caribou migrations in North America. Bi-annually, the Qamanirijuaq caribou herd (numbering at roughly 250,000 animals) migrate past Arctic Haven. In August & September, as the fall colours begin to set on the tundra landscapes, the migratory caribou spend approximately one month in the vicinity. This is a time when wolves, wolverines and bears also live in the area - eating caribou, and berries on the tree line. We've even spotted a few muskoxen in the area of Arctic Haven as well!

The past September, we introduced heli-hiking and heli-fly fishing as a new way to explore the caribou migration routes near Arctic Haven. The helicopter allows guests to explore areas beyond foot and boat access; the opportunity to witness migratory caribou from the air, predators such as wolves and grizzlies and more! The fall colours from the air are spectacular!

Completely optional, guests will typically reserve one to two days with the helicopter. A full day of exploration averages one to two hours flight time plus stops. A few of our favorite images from heli-hiking and heli-fishing this past fall!

We typically limit heli-hiking & fly fishing excursions to 4 guests per flight - this allows for a small group adventure with maximum opportunties to see wildlife! 

Four bull caribou on the tundra. In September, the caribou shed their velvets (notice the red antlers). Caribou are the only ungulates that both male and female have antlers. For both curious explorers and photographers alike; the ability to get close (without disturbing the caribou) and witness the migration is exceptional!

Beautiful aurora borealis, caught at sunset, shortly after arriving home to Arctic Haven! The green light is a product of oxygen particles colliding at the upper atmosphere with electrons; notice the faint purple (a reaction of nitrogen colliding with electrons). 

Caribou tracks worn deep into the tundra, photographed from the air. Nearly 500km of caribou trails are worn into the landscapes around Arctic Haven. 

Muskoxen on tree-line grazing on wild blueberries and cranberries. This herd had one dominate male and three sub-adult males, six females and three newborns!

A quick stop, a few casts on the fly rod and a beautiful 15lb lake trout is successfully caught an released! 

This adventure option is open to all guests visiting Arctic Haven during the months of August & September (at an additional cost). We recommend reserving in advance, due to the limited spaces per flight day. Contact us for more info